Healthcare marketing and development teams often have different goals. One team may be focused on patient volume numbers, while the other has its sights set on fundraising dollars. Different goals can mean different content strategies, often resulting in siloed communication — and competing messages in the market.

How can these two teams work together when they have different goals?
Sharing content can save time, ease workloads and create a richer marketing strategy. A patient story the development team writes can appeal to donors and showcase clinical expertise. The marketing department’s summary of a new clinical trial can speak to both prospective patients and financial sponsors.

5 ways your marketing and development teams can collaborate:

  1. Share your editorial calendars. The key is to share and collaborate. Not to critique and micro-manage. Although the teams’ strategies may differ, sharing calendars will allow you to spot pieces of content that you could tweak or repurpose for your own channels.
  2. Keep communication open. If another team expresses interest in sharing some of your content, keep them updated on the progress and potential publish date. Use a shared editorial calendar, write a quick email or make a phone call. Keep them posted!
  3. Coordinate schedules. If you’re planning to repurpose content, make sure you know when and where each team plans to share that content. Avoid over-saturating a market or leaving topical items in the queue for too long.
  4. Have a point person or liaison on each team. Designate one person to be the main point of contact for sharing content across the two teams. This helps avoid miscommunication and keeps information organized.
  5. Invite team members to meetings. Encourage cross-functional collaboration. Invite members from the other team to your content strategy meetings. They don’t need to attend every meeting, but encourage a regular presence (monthly, quarterly, whatever works for you). If they can’t be there physically, offer them a conference line to dial in.

How do your marketing and development teams collaborate? Tell us what has or hasn’t worked for you.