Let’s face it: Most doctors have “better” things to do than to be interviewed for your hospital’s website content. They’re out performing surgeries, working in the lab, or speaking at events — so putting a marketer’s priorities above their own is probably the last thing they want to do.

That being said, you know that having your doctors on your website will make it even better. Their voices add more credibility, depth and gives patients a voice they can trust. But before you just focus on wrangling down an interview time, try to get your doctors excited (just a little) about the upcoming interview.

Here’s how you can spin it:

  • They’re sharing their expertise. Just about everyone loves sharing what they know about their topics of expertise and interest. Remind your doctors that their knowledge is needed to make your website as comprehensive and accurate as it can be. You can’t pull it off without them.
  • Their patients will have an accessible, trustworthy source of health information. Patients need trustworthy sources of health information, 24/7. Let your docs know that your hospital’s website strives to be easy-to-understand and a reliable source of information for your patients. With so much “bad science” out there, your doctors need to be a voice of reason. For example, if you Google “doctor and vaccines,” the majority of Google hits that come up are for the anti-vaccine movement. Is this what your doctors want patients to see? On your website, you and and your doctors can work together to provide sound, safe and scientific medical information to patients.
  • Their patients will be better prepared before appointments or procedures. Include detailed patient information such as how to prepare for procedures, paperwork to fill out and recovery instructions, and your patients will be much better prepared before coming into the office for an appointment or checking in at the hospital for surgery. Call on your doctors (and their staff) to help you provide such details online that will make everyone’s days run more smoothly.
  • Accurate website information will save headaches and re-work down the road. Do it right; do it once. Just as with any project, you strive to create accurate and complete content for your hospital’s website, so it doesn’t have to be drastically updated for several years. Remind your doctors that if they can take just a few more minutes to provide full information right now, the longer it will be until the content needs to be updated again — saving them more time in the future.