Managing your hospital’s website is a big task. But if you break it up until little pieces, it’s a lot easier to get your mind wrapped around it.

For starters, in order to manage your hospital’s content, you have to communicate with stakeholders in various departments, service lines, and within the communications and marketing departments.

You know best how your organization works, and so it falls to you to develop a way of managing your content to keep it fresh and interesting.

Here’s how you can get it done:

  1. Work within the marketing department to establish a process for content creation. Then, share that process with content stakeholders across the organization. Remember that processes can be modified. Be prepared to do so when needed.
  2. Establish a timeline for publishing content and share this timeline throughout the organization. This process works best when there is some “weight” behind it. If higher-ups are committed to the timeline, you can hold content stakeholders to the timeline—or push the publication of their content back, if necessary.
  3. Create a process for managing content updates. Determine who within each area is the contact for content updates and have a schedule for publishing updates. This schedule will need to be somewhat flexible to allow for unforeseen changes, so you might want to create a date range for updates. You’ll also need to have someone in the marketing department dedicated to this process that can check with content creators on timelines and manage versions of content. It’s best to develop the process as you go. That way, you’ll see what works, what doesn’t and then incorporate those details into the process.
  4. Remove stale, outdated content and content that doesn’t get any page views. Just like the other steps, this starts with a timeline or schedule. Plan on having content stakeholders review the content for their areas at least once a year. It’s a good idea to develop a checklist for this review process. The stakeholder can use it to review aspects of the content (such as page views and accuracy) and then can submit that checklist to the marketing department. This way, you can verify that the content is still fresh and the stakeholder actually reviewed the content.

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