By Colleen Massa, VP of Operations14962748_10158577855445206_3250934197995272551_n

Our team is back home from the Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas last week. We had a great time connecting with our clients and colleagues from all over the country and hearing about what’s next in digital healthcare marketing. HCIC never disappoints.

One of the highlights for me was when WriterGirl’s own Christy Pretzinger and Reba Thompson presented as part of a pre-conference session on how to build a successful content strategy. An impressive panel of experts covered content strategy, execution and conversion. Participants came away armed with a manageable, step-by-step approach to creating valuable web content.

Brian Eriksen of Elexicon and Cheryl Welch of Spectrum Health shared their strategy leading up to the creation of HealthBeat, Spectrum Health’s content hub. They arrived at the brand journalism approach after an audit of current content production and a commitment to move from an “island” approach to a content “ecosystem.” Their analysis of the current media landscape clearly showed the best growth opportunity to reach consumers is owned media, rather than paid or earned media.

Christy and Reba delivered insights into content creation by adapting the culinary organization principle, “mise en place” to illustrate how gathering and arranging the ingredients and tools before you start cooking (writing) leads to success. As with cooking, preparation is key. You need the right tools to create your content — clear objectives and timeline, source information, subject matter expert buy-in and brand voice. Next, you need the team “in the kitchen” including stakeholders, SMEs, writers, editors and reviewers. With every element in place, executing content is a delicious and fulfilling process.

J.K. Lloyd of Eruptr and Shanna Muschik from Adventist HealthCare presented proven strategies and best practices to make your content work it’s hardest to deliver results. Digging into digital marketing strategies to convert prospects to patients, their team first did the groundwork of optimizing their website, creating content and clear calls-to-action and defining measurement metrics from impressions to appointments. With a solid foundation, they were able to get maximum value out of pay-per-click campaigns to drive patients to their targeted services.

Our WriterGirl team was delighted to present, exhibit and learn at this year’s HCIC. We are looking forward to the conference next year in Austin, Texas.