When you write about quality and safety, you’re spreading good ideas, actions and programs.

But isn’t talking about safety…boring?

It doesn’t have to be. Take a look at these three hospitals that share quality and safety stories:

Get staff involved. Everyone at your hospital can can agree on the need to provide safe, quality care. You can help affirm this desire by spreading quality and safety knowledge. Take a look at this patient safety video from Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Employees are shown in their area of the hospital holding up paper with their three words for patient safety, to the tune of “The Safety Dance.” These types of videos are a great morale booster for employees because it gives them kudos for doing good work.

Write the story down. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center showcases its “Lessons Learned” stories by clinicians and and non-clinicians. Shared internally, these safety stories are typically about 300 words and feature quotes from staff members who were involved in the story. In addition, the articles are often used by clinicians during meetings and presentations.

Offer training support. New Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement requirements have put the spotlight on quality and safety. Employees are spending more time on quality and safety training, measures and tracking. When you publish a short video, article or blog on these topics, it’s relevant to everyone’s work. This content can also make employees’ efforts easier by providing material they can share in training and meetings. MedStar Health does videos called “60 Seconds for Safety.” For a recent video, MedStar enrolled their Patient and Family Advisory Council for advice on how to engage patients to help prevent medical errors. While these videos most likely started as an internal project, they’re now featured on MedStar’s website.

What is your hospital doing to promote safety and quality?