Here’s a stat to think about: There’s more than 300 million monthly active users on Instagram.

Or to put it another way: More people are using Instagram than Twitter.

Is your hospital ready to jump in? Take a look at these three ideas before you get started:

Hashtag with restraint

Hashtags like #hospital or #healthcare aren’t helpful. Use hashtags that are relevant and timely to the photo you’re sharing. Posts with more specific hashtags (#fluvaccine or #pediatriccancer) will appear in hashtag search results, alongside many other types of posts and accounts. Use hashtags that your target audience might use. That way, your posts will appear organically in their feed.

Post photos of people

Followers love seeing and hearing about everyday people making a difference at your hospital. Be sure to post photos when a celebrity visits your hospital or when a staff member has made a big difference in a patient’s life. Don’t forget to share photos and stories of remarkable patient stories (like the time a nurse helped deliver a baby in your hospital’s parking lot or when a transplant recipient ran a marathon).

Share well-made videos

Don’t limit your Instagram account to just photos. Share some “behind-the-scenes” footage of your hospital’s ongoing remodel project. Capture a video of a team of your nurses walking in a local 5K to raise awareness of a rare disease. Post a video of your therapy animals at work on the pediatric floor (kids and animals — what’s not to love?!). Once the video is made, share it all of your social media channels to maximize your marketing investment.