Does SEO make you want to scream SOS?

Relax. You don’t have to be a Search Engine Optimization expert to figure out how to make your website more searchable.

Basically, SEO is all about using keywords and phrases within your website content that people frequently Google. Then, you’ll use those keywords and phrases throughout your blog, drawing more traffic to your site.

Here’s how to do SEO for a website:

Pick powerful SEO keywords and phrases

Keywords and phrases matter because it’s the first step to bringing traffic to your website. When coming up with keywords and phrases, think about what you would Google.

Let’s be “meta” about this blog. Say you’re searching for a blog on SEO tips. You might search:

  • SEO
  • SEO tips
  • SEO keywords and phrases
  • How to do SEO for a website

It’s important to do both a combination of single keywords and long tail keywords (keywords with three words or more).

Single keywords are important because they are how your pages are found in Google and drive traffic to your website. Long tail keywords (phrases) are equally important. Although they get less search traffic than single keywords, a Forbes article recently said that long tail keywords can double sales to your site.

Writing SEO keywords and phrases into your website

Now that you have your SEO keywords and phrases, sprinkle them throughout your website at least 3 to 5 times each. In addition, put them in your page titles, meta descriptions and subheads.

Take a look at this blog copy. For our keywords and phrases, we’ve used:

  • SEO: 6 times
  • SEO keywords and phrases: 5 times
  • SEO tips: 3 times
  • How to do SEO for a website: 3 times

It’s important to include variations of your keywords and phrases. Keep in mind your keywords and phrases brought a reader to your site. Logically, it’s likely that using them throughout your content will keep them there.

Write content people will read

Sure, SEO matters — but so does writing content that people want to read.

When you write, talk to your audience like you’d want to be talked to. If people like you and your content, they’ll read it. They are also more likely to share it, which drives even more traffic to your site.