Meet WriterGirl Nina Mitchell

Throughout her career as a project manager, Nina Mitchell always enjoyed how she was involved with different teams and aspects of a campaign, wearing multiple hats and learning from colleagues with varied expertise.

But it wasn’t until she landed in healthcare that Nina found her fit.

“I always loved what I did, but I wanted to be able to fully stand behind the brand(s) and believe in the mission and values,” says Nina, a senior project manager with WriterGirl. “Healthcare allows me to make an impact on people’s lives, whether it’s to raise awareness about a new procedure or doctor’s office, or to help educate consumers (patients) in a way that makes it easy for them to understand.”

Nina began her work with WriterGirl in January 2017. In her role as senior project manager, she serves as the project lead or account liaison between clients and the writing/editing staff, ensuring that projects stay organized and on schedule.

Recently, Nina has been focused on the Healthy Headlines initiative for St. Elizabeth Healthcare. The project involves writing articles on various topics across St. Elizabeth’s service line areas, something Nina has enjoyed as a writer, consumer and lifelong learner.

“I enjoy these so much because I always learn something new and become more knowledgeable as a consumer,” Nina says.

That passion for learning is an important skill for anyone looking to jump into healthcare communications, Nina says. The key is to “be a sponge.”

“Absorb as much information as you possibly can,” Nina says. “Each hospital, academic medical center, and healthcare facility is different. The more you learn those differences and nuances, the quicker you can grow within the organization and become a valued asset.”

As a WriterGirl staffer, Nina truly enjoys both the camaraderie and flexibility of her role. Although the remote work can sometimes pose communication challenges (one that she is always eager to solve with a quick five-minute Skype call), her WriterGirl career has given her opportunities to grow her skillset and build professional relationships while also staying active in her family life.

Outside of WriterGirl, Nina focuses her energy on exercise and spending time with her husband, son and daughter. While she loves staying healthy with running and yoga, she also enjoys spending time in the kitchen honing her baking skills – a hobby she grew up doing with her grandmother and mother, and a tradition she hopes to continue with her daughter.

“The work/life balance at WriterGirl is incredible, so I always find myself wanting to go above and beyond for every project I work on,” Nina says. “That’s the WriterGirl way!”

Reflecting on her career, Nina emphasizes the importance of continuously pushing toward a role that fits you personally and professionally – something that she’s found at WriterGirl.

“Don’t become complacent or stagnant in any role,” Nina says. “Believe that you can find that dream job, the one where you wake up each morning and don’t dread going to. It can happen – it happened for me!”

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