5 Ways to Bring Creativity to Healthcare Marketing

Creativity and healthcare may seem an unlikely pair, but when it comes to developing effective and engaging healthcare marketing campaigns, creativity is key. It’s what helps your content and message stand out in a crowded market.

But, in the rush to meet deadlines, create new content and post to social media, it can be easy to fall into a rut with your organization’s approach to healthcare marketing.

Fortunately, injecting a little creativity into your marketing efforts is an easy pill to swallow. Learn five simple ways to help spur your team’s creativity.

1. Look at your brand.

The best place to look for inspiration for creativity is at your brand. Look through your organization’s brand story, guidelines or mission, and value statement. Find the unique attributes that set your hospital, providers, medical centers and organization apart from competitors. Starting with your brand will help you think of new ways to bring marketing campaigns to life in a way that’s authentic to your organization, and interesting to your audience.

2. Take a team approach.

Once you’ve refreshed yourself on your organization’s brand, bring a team together that spans departments. Invite marketing, digital, operations and other relevant groups to the table. Together, you can discuss challenges each of your departments face, identify new opportunities to connect with audiences and get ready for the next step – brainstorming.

3. Think outside the box.

By reviewing the brand, discussing challenges and opportunities first, your team will be well-positioned to springboard into brainstorming creative ideas – the most fun, exciting and daunting aspect of creativity.

Have a fun, successful brainstorming session with a few simple tips:

  • Establish ground rules that foster collaboration, including being open and respectful to all ideas, taking turns talking and encouraging participation from everyone
  • Find a fun place outside the office to brainstorm. Sometimes a simple change of scenery can get the juices flowing – whether that’s a nearby coffee shop, an outside patio or even just a conference room on a different floor.
  • Write down all ideas. Be sure to capture everyone’s ideas – no matter how off-the-wall or seemingly unfeasible they may seem at first.

4. Find the favorites.

After brainstorming, go back through the list and circle the ideas that stand out. Discuss what everyone likes about the ideas and how the teams could bring them to life. Then, sleep on it. Take a break and walk away to give each person a chance to consider the ideas and how they may (or may not) work.

5. Work out the details.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to go through the ideas and identify which ones are the best ones to try first. Be unafraid to try something new. Once new creative, campaign or content is launched, monitor and evaluate its success. Adjust it as needed, but be sure to give it time to connect and resonate with audiences.

These are just a few simple ways to help spur creativity and help your team develop fun and engaging campaigns and content that will resonate with audiences.

Tell us, how do you keep things creative?

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