10 top tweets from #raganhealthcare


At @WriterGirlAssoc, we recently attended Ragan’s Health Care Communicators conference at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. We loved going to the sessions and then, tweeting about them. Here are a few of our favorite tweets from #raganhealthcare.

1. @Lisa_Palacios: Having employees be part of your brand and understand it makes them ambassadors for your brand.

2. @mollyr: TL; DR = Too long, didn’t read. Attention spans are shrinking. Present content accordingly.

3. @dheady8: “Convey empathy through storytelling. Emotion always trumps reasoning,” @_MikeSchmidt

4. @amandatodo: Physicians on social: choose a platform & prepare them. Educate on how to use AS A PHYSICIAN, @TheDocSmitty

5. @CTrappe: Blogging can establish physicians as public thought leaders.

6. @JessicaMortvedt: Great tip by Sue Klein: “Consumers will choose you because you have engaged them w/ credible content and answers to questions.”

7. @LeadWithVideo: Through our content, “Celebrate those we serve, NOT ourselves,” said @_MikeSchmidt of @APHospital.

8. @webscribe: “If content is king, technology is queen.”

9. @chelseaamaral@vdollard explains: When there’s a crisis, social media IS the media.

10. @AdrinaWa “Create content to attract patients before they are patients!”

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