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Your Story Makes You Unique

Many of WriterGirl’s clients are new at outsourcing content – and that’s okay. Whether it’s coming up with content that aligns with your marketing strategy or helping you figure out how to meet that critical success factor of revamping thousands of webpages in just a few months, WriterGirl is pretty much your best partner for content development. Why? Because hospital and healthcare writing is all we do.

Developing content for hospitals and healthcare organizations is a specialized skill. Many content providers out there profess to be “experts,” but what they are experts at might be quick market-speak or undifferentiated, vanilla content that sounds just like the guy down the street. Every organization has its own unique story; it’s getting that story – you know, the one that affects your customers on a visceral level – that is the hard part.

WriterGirl has spent years honing its craft – and its craft is providing content that tells your story. Hospital and healthcare writing is our gig – it’s all we do. And telling your foundational stories – the ones that transcend the bricks and mortar, the outward face – is definitely our passion.

What can you do to get the best out of WriterGirl? Get ready to work … at least initially. Because there are a few things we’ll need from you before we can get you out of the weeds.

  • Consider what you’re trying to achieve and communicate that to us. We’ll figure out how to get it done. But first, we’d like to understand your needs.
  • Identify your key players. Let them in on your plan. Introduce us to them as your partner.
  • Follow through on your review process. Everything we do hinges on your ability to turn feedback around quickly.
  • Be available for communication. Even if it’s five minutes a week, we’ll take it.

Believe it or not, these four simple steps will see any project with WriterGirl through to completion, on time and on budget. Like I said, we’re experts … not at producing content, but in telling your story. Because it’s your story that makes you unique.

Posted by Christy Pretzinger, President & CEO

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Your Story Makes You Unique
Producing content is more than just words on the page. It's about telling your story. Learn how we can help you stand out.