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The WriterGirl Approach to Content Development

WriterGirl Creates the Content, But YOU Get the Kudos

WriterGirl & Associates operates behind the scenes, tackling the often overwhelming task of gathering information to write compelling content. Collaboration and flexibility are key to our approach. (And we use our invisibility capes so you get the credit!)

We Set You Apart

Too many health care and hospital websites have become bloated with what most of our clients call “marketing fluff.” We work with your organization to eliminate the fluff by creating content that emphasizes your points of difference.

We know how to ask the right questions to get the right information—information that will tell your story in a way that shows patients why they should choose your organization. The ultimate goal of your website is to help your audience feel informed and empowered.

Our clients choose to work with us for many reasons:

  • WriterGirl writes relevant and reliable content that provides helpful, authoritative information quickly, in language that’s easy to understand
  • We stay informed about web-based and mobile technologies that are transforming the health care system
  • WriterGirl’s Leadership Team participates in national health care conferences, exhibitions and events

Core Superpowers

Every WriterGirl has been vetted through The WriterGirl Academy, and we all share the same core superpowers:

  • Keen insight  – We help you define your points of difference
  • Image projection – We write your story, creating the perception you want to convey
  • Agility – We deliver your projects on your timeline
  • Powerful principles  – We apply exceptional quality and innovation to all of your projects
  • Resilience and flexibility – We deliver unparalleled customer service