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There’s No “I” in Team

I am the rookie here at WriterGirl & Associates, but I don’t feel like one.  The reason is quite simple.  I joined an amazing team of people who love what they do.  By working together and sharing thoughts and ideas, we get things done.  My first day on the job, our President and CEO, Christy Schlake, said to me, “My main job is to remove any barriers that prevent your success.”  How refreshing and motivating to use my marketing abilities for such an innovative company that works toward a common goal – and isn’t afraid to admit that barriers are real…and removable!

It’s the teamwork and collaboration that sets WriterGirl apart.  Recently, I read an article in Inc. Magazine by Phil Geldart (author of the classic In Your Hands, the Behaviors of a World Class Leader) explained that “teamwork is a set of principles that allow teams to overcome even the most thorny business challenges.”   We don’t shy away from the “thorny things” – we collaborate and understand that we write for clients so they don’t have to.  We write because we are the content experts.  We do it well and we do it together, from start to finish.

To learn more about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams, click here.  And remember, there is no “I” in team!

Posted by Colleen Massa

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There’s No “I” in Team
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