How are weddings like content development? Let me count the ways.

By Karla Webb

I lead a parallel life right now. By day, I’m an operations manager for WriterGirl, managing and overseeing projects, writing and editing for clients, keeping track (most of the time) of multiple tasks and timelines.

By night, I have another role. I still sort of manage operations, but my title is “Mother of the Bride.”

These two roles are similar. For instance:

  • You have a deadline to complete the project/wedding, with lots of milestones along the way.
  • The bride is like your client, except rather than charge for services rendered, you pay for everything. But the goal is the same — to please the client/bride, deliver what she wants, when she needs it with great customer service (love).
  • You need to consider all the stakeholders. The groom and the father of the bride have a vested interest in the project — just like subject matter experts and service line leaders do in content projects. Keep them in the loop!

But the parallels between content development and wedding planning don’t stop there. (You wish.)

Although the wedding is important, it’s really about the marriage. The marriage is what will last beyond all the details and preparation for the ceremony and celebration. It’s the same with content. Sometimes we focus so much on optimizing for search, the right keywords, what Google says — we forget content is king. If the words and images don’t resonate and communicate with the audience, the best SEO won’t matter. Don’t let the wedding become more significant than the marriage.

Finally, I am grateful for so much in both roles I fill right now. As mother of the bride, I’m thankful that my awesome daughter has found a wonderful guy (and that we’ve found a church, reception venue and dress)! As a WriterGirl, I’m grateful to have incredible co-workers and great clients (and a new Macbook and 5k monitor). But I’m most grateful that in both worlds, we’re focused on the long-term success of our relationships rather the excitement of the event.